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Widex Hearing Aids

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About us

Widex is one of the world's leading companies within digital hearing aid technology. Today, our hearing aids are sold in more than 90 markets around the world, with 97% of our output exported from Denmark. With a world market share of approximately 10%, we are the world's sixth largest manufacturer of hearing aids.

Focusing on the individual

Our hearing aids help people with hearing loss to communicate better - something which is of immense importance to their quality of life. We also place great emphasis on the area of children and young people with hearing loss, as early intervention is important for their language development.

Innovation is our driving force

Widex is based on know-how, as represented by our innovative staff and five decades of intensive technological research and development. We develop digital technology at a level of quality that few can match, and which has made us one of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry.

In 1995 Widex became world-famous when it introduced the world's first digital in-the-ear hearing aid, and the pace of progress has been swift since then. With our latest products, Widex is setting entirely new standards and charting new possibilities within hearing aid technology - all with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss.


Widex was founded in 1956 by the Tøpholm and Westermann families, who still own and run the company. Widex now employs around 2,400 staff around the world, of whom 900 work in Denmark. Our head office is located in Værløse, Denmark, which is where our research, development and administration is based, as well as most of our production. Widex also has large assembly departments in Helsinge in North Sealand and in Verviers, Belgium.

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