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Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Milo/Milo Plus
Phonak microPower
Phonak Naída
Phonak Versáta
Phonak Exélia Art
Phonak Eleva
Phonak Nios micro
Phonak eXtra
Phonak Certéna
Phonak Una
Phonak Versáta Art
Phonak Audéo YES, Audéo MINI, Audéo SMART

Opening of the new production and technology centre in Stäfa.

Successful launch of Audéo YES, the modern hearing aid with an exceptional design that does not make any compromises in terms of size and performance.

Naída, the first line of hearing aids for severe hearing loss with water-resistant housing, is very well received on the market.

On August 1, Phonak Holding AG is renamed Sonova Holding AG.

Phonak remains the brand name and is continued unchanged.

Foundation of Phonak Acoustic Implants in Lausanne for the development of a middle ear implant.

Opening of a production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Phonak launches the global Hear the World initiative to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. The initiative addresses the social and psychological effects of hearing loss, and provides information on prevention and solutions. 

Launch of microPower, the hearing aid with innovative Canal Receiver Technology (CRT) that presents the perfect cosmetic solution for people with severe hearing loss.

Launch of Savia, the hearing aid that uses the unique capabilities of bionic systems with the latest in digital technology to provide natural, effortless hearing.

Launch of SmartLink, the first hearing aid to facilitate the direct wireless use of Bluetooth mobile phones for hearing aids.

Opening of a production facility in Suzhou, China.

Launch of Claro, the first fully digital Phonak hearing system with a fully integrated FM receiver.

Opening of the new technology centre in Stäfa. 

Launch of MicroLink, the world’s smallest FM receiver.

Launch of AudioZoom, the pioneering multi-microphone technology.

Very successful international launch of the PiCS Hearing Computer.   

Foundation of Phonak Communications in Murten for the expansion of business activities in the field of wireless communication.

Foundation of a Phonak marketing company in the US.

Move to Stäfa into the new «Phonak House».

Foundation of Phonak Holding AG as a holding company for the Phonak Group.

After the death of Ernst Rihs, his two sons take over his shares. Beda Diethelm receives the same shareholder rights.

Launch of SuperFront, a hearing aid with the highest amplification. Introduction of paediatric adjustments.

Foundation of the first international Phonak marketing companies in Germany and France.

Acquisition of all shares by Ernst Rihs. Beda Diethelm joins the company, followed by Andy Rihs and, a few years later, Hans-Ueli Rihs. A new era begins for the company.

Foundation of the "AG für Elektroakustik” with corporate headquarters in Zurich by a French-Belgian group of investors.

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