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GO Pro – the affordable digital solution

If you live a relaxed lifestyle – spending time at home watching the TV, listening to music or pursuing your favourite hobbies - you’ll be wanting a device that offers clear digital sound quality and total simplicity. And GO Pro offers both

Performance now becomes affordable

Price-wise, Go Pro may be very affordable, but performance-wise, it’s the best in its class. You can depend on this instrument day in and day out. Go Pro is of course fully automatic, so you’ll hardly even notice that it’s there

Sound quality and features

Go Pro provides you with clear, amplified digital sound that will improve your hearing in everyday listening situations and social gatherings with friends and family. It is dedicated to offer a high level of comfort and to ensure optimum speech in noise it is equipped with truly effective directional microphones

Choose your preferred combination

Go Pro comes in a wide selection of styles that are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and cosmetically discreet. This includes small, In-the-Ear instruments and attractive Behind-the-Ear solutions in various hair- and skin-tone colours

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