Bravo Widex


Bravo Series downloads

BXP the powerful

B2-CIC completely-in
canal hearing aid

B1X in-the-ear
 hearing aid

B2X in-the-ear
hearing aid

B1 behind-the-ear
 hearing aid

B2 behind-the-ear
 hearing aid

B11 power behind-the-ear hearing aid

B12 power behind-the-ear
hearing aid

B32 high power behind-the-ear
hearing aid
User advantages - 100%digital hearing aid at a low price
Very good sound quality and speech reproduction in less demanding listening environments
Very low battery power consumption
Filtration of noise from cellular phones  

Special features

Thorough 2-channel signal processing (Noise Reduction) with focus on clear speech reproduction
2-channel signal processing prevents feedback in many situations (Feedback Risk Management)
Low battery indicator
Optional volume control - some models

Widex Bravo

Widex Bravo Hearing Aids offer digital quality at an entry-level price point. It’s a comfortable, high-quality hearing aid that puts computer technology to work in a simple, no-nonsense package. Widex Bravo is fully automatic, which means you don’t have to think about adjustments or remote controls. As you go through a typical day, you probably find yourself in various acoustic environments. Widex Bravo hearing aids sense these changes in listening conditions, adjusting automatically to maintain optimal settings

Widex Bravo features both audio compression and expansion, making soft speech more understandable while helping protect you from the discomfort associated with loud noises. Widex Bravo Hearing Instruments also offers lower risk of feedback or whistling, and a beep tone lets you know you’re due for a battery replacement. This is a great choice for people who want the benefits of digital on a budget

100% Digital, mini behind-the-ear instrument
Long battery life
Low battery beep-tone indicator
Volume control with beep-tone indicator
M-T-MT settings available with beep-tone indicator
Minimal audible internal noise due to digital processing
High immunity to interference from cellular telephone systems
Direct audio input
Mini-hook for small ears
Also available in bright colours
The battery drawer can be made tamper resistant

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