Phonak eXtra



Phonak eXtra

The eXtra hearing aid has 11 different models for you to choose from

eXtra is inspired by nature,and offers great features at an affordable price. The SoundManager feature combined with our EasyPhone feature ensures that you have automatic hassle-free telephone use. eXtraSound is another great feature that provides a fuller and more natural sound experience.For your convenience eXtra benefits include a remote control and FM options 

Hearing and understanding are essential parts of everyday life. They facilitate the communication that connects you to the world.

Are you able to participate fully and effortlessly in conversations in the office or in busy restaurants? Are you able to hear well on the telephone or watch TV at a normal volume? With Phonak eXtra hearing aids your answer will be a confident "YES!" every time. eXtra is your key to an affordable hearing solution.

The foundation for eXtra begins with digital Bionics, the core processing found in Phonak's premium Savia digital hearing aid. Digital Bionics is technology that mirrors nature. The Phonak eXtra hearing aid is packed with many features

Sound Manager - Automatically responds and accesses the right feature automatically.
Audio Zoom - directional microphones that automatically activate to suppress noise across the entire hearing range.
6-channel Noise Canceller - reduces background noise without sacrificing the loudness and speech clarity.
Hassle-free telephone use with even cordless and mobile phones
Data Logging - A high-end feature that reviews logged data of how you are using the hearing aid for greater fitting accuracy.
Feedback Control - Addresses all types of possible feedback issues and works to prevent them from occurring

HearingPlanet is pleased to offer the Phonak eXtra hearing aids which we feel redefines the value segment in digital hearing aid technology. The SoundManager with EasyPhone ensures automatic feature activation for quiet and noisy situations, as well as hassle-free telephone use. DataLogging gives access to real life usage data for individualized counseling. eXtraSound broadband frequency response allows for a fuller and more natural sound experience. eXtra also offers the option of a remote control for the complete range of products and FM options

eXtra Product Family

The eXtra product family includes seven custom models and four BTE models which meet all amplification needs, from open to power

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