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Sumo DM – the smallest, most powerful Super Power

The Concept

As the smallest, most powerful Super Power BTE available, SUMO is the preferred choice for clients with severe to profound hearing loss. These clients are highly dependent on their instruments, so they want a
solution that provides maximum power without the risk of feedback, and that won’t break down just when they need it the most. With SUMO they get all the power and the reliability they need.

More speech - less noise

To combat noise, conventional instruments automatically reduce the volume – but this can affect the audibility of the speech signal.  Sumo DM solves this problem through intelligent, TriState Noise Management

What is TriState Noise Management

In noisy situations conventional instruments tend to turn everything down in order to avoid saturation or signal distortion. This is because they have difficulty distinguishing between noise and speech. Sumo DM’s TriState Noise Management system can separate the two types of input, however. And it reduces thenoise you don’t need to hear in order to enhance the vital speech cues

Incorporating award-winning VoiceFinder technology, this system reduces noise without removing vital speech cues. In a ‘noise only’ environment Sumo DM immediately switches to a more comfortable setting, saving you countless manual adjustments and enabling you to keep the instrument turned on

Speech in Quiet - where the system doesn’t need to intervene

Speech in Noise - where moderate noise reduction is applied in order to enhance the vital speech cues

Noise Only - where stronger noise reduction is applied for the sake of comfort

More speech and audibility

To develop good listening and language skills your child needs consistent access to the speech signal. Sumo DM uses advanced speech detection and noise management systems to control noise and maintain the crucial dialogue between adult and child

DM’s digital sound processing system customizes the signal in much the same way as a sound engineer would in a recording studio.By matching your child’s hearing loss with incredible precision, Sumo DMprovides extra support in the frequencies where your child can really benefit from it

Super powerful - and reliable

Sumo DM is the result of child-focused engineering that succeeds in improving not only size but also  performance.  The unique receiver technology provides high and consistent power output with very low battery drain

In Sumo DM, special attention has been paid to protecting the interior components in order to avoid moisture and temperature-related breakdowns. Whether your child is indoors or outdoors, Sumo DM will keep them in close contact with their surroundings

Proven performance

Like the rest of the Sumo product family, Sumo DM features innovative Output Optimization Technology, which ensures exceptionally consistent power performance. Sumo DM features a Battery Management System that emits a series of beeps to warn you that the battery is low. In addition, the Status Light turns OFF when the low battery warning occurs. Sumo DM functions with any 675 zinc-air batteries, although dedicated power batteries may provide better results

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