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Widex Bravissimo Hearing Aids offer digital quality at an economy-level price point. Widex Bravissimo is a complete line of hearing aids that embraces virtually all types of hearing loss and individual needs. Widex Bravissimo is a 100% digital hearing aid with 3 channels and offers up to 3 listening programs. Feedback management is standard and directional microphones are options - to help with hearing assistance in background noise. The Widex Bravissimo is a qualit choice for people who want the benefits of digital hearing aids on a budget. Widex Bravissimo elan hearing aids provide you the satisfaction of the Bravissimo series with the comfort of an open fitting to help eliminate the feeling of being plugged up when wearing hearing aids

Bravissimo behind-the-ear (BV-38) BV-38
Bravissimo behind-the-ear (BV-8) BV-8

Bravissimo CIC (BV-CIC) BV-CIC

Bravissimo behind-the-ear (BV-18) BV-18

Bravissimo behind-the-ear (BV-9) BV-9

Bravissimo in-the-ear (BV-X) BV-X/BV-XP

Bravissimo behind-the-ear (BV-19) BV-19

Bravissimo in-the-ear (BV-XP) BV-X/BV-XP

Bravissimo in-the-ear (BV-9X) BV-9X

Bravissimo is a new digital hearing aid series developed by Widex as the natural choice for anyone with a hearing loss who needs their hearing aids to match an outgoing lifestyle. The Bravissimo series comprises a complete range of hearing aids to embrace virtually all types of hearing loss, individual preferences and needs. It is a hearing aid whose sound quality and flexibility enables quick user acceptance

The complete series - The extensive Bravissimo line-up comprises a complete range of models from the very discreet CIC model, through miniature ITC/ITE and BTE models, to power ITE and BTE instruments, and also a high power BTE

The three main types - No two people are the same. Our lives differ depending on where we live, our job and leisure time. This places great demands on hearing aid performance. Meeting this vast variety of individual requirements requires a flexible hearing aid that can provide the hearing help needed in the many listening situations that occur in everyday life

The Bravissimo series for virtually any type of hearing loss, individual preferences and requirements.There are three main types; hearing aids with an omnidirectional microphone, hearing aids with a directional microphone and hearing aids with extra power. This selection of Bravissimo hearing aids helps the user to find the ideal hearing aid for their type of hearing loss. And the hearing aids can easily be fitted according to individual requirements.

Models with an omnidirectional microphone

All-round hearing aids for today’s more outgoing lifestyles, where users don’t want to miss out on any of the sounds of everyday life, for example in nature

Models with a directional microphone

Hearing aids for an outgoing lifestyle where communication plays a vital role. It is important to be able to communicate on equal terms with others and not miss out on parts of conversations, for example at important meetings

Power hearing aids - Hearing aids for both children and adults with more significant hearing loss

Technical features

Bravissimo hearing aids are provided with a diversity of features and options. They use 3 band and 3 channel sound processing

Bravissimo hearing aids are easily and quickly fitted according to individual hearing loss and needs. By making exact adjustments in the three channels the required amplification is ensured. Accurate fitting according to your individual hearing loss and improved sound quality and performance

User-friendly - Due to the wide choice of models and many fitting options, as well as the good sound quality, Bravissimo hearing aids are easy to become used to and to operate

Improved sound quality and performance - For the Bravissimo series, increased focus has been placed on speech intelligibility. All sounds are audible, but not uncomfortably loud. You can focus on speech without comfortable sound quality being compromised. The hearing aids provide a natural and stable sound picture and listening comfort

Optimised fine tuning - Fine tuning is conducted in three channels for improved fitting accuracy. This means your hearing aids can be fitted to work optimally according to your everyday life and requirements

Automatic Feedback Manager - In Bravissimo the risk of feedback whistling is significantly reduced. The Automatic Feedback Manager helps to ensure that sufficient amplification of normal speech signals is provided without feedback whistling

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