Phonak Una



Una is based on Digital Bionics. Inspired by nature, Digital Bionics implements the unique capabilities of biological systems. Una offers excellent sound quality at an affordable price. Una feels comfortable right from the start and ensures an immediate user acceptance. Being part of the Phonak family, Una features exclusive and reliable technology that improves the quality of life significantly. With a high value-to-cost ratio Una makes Digital Bionics available for everyone.Una hearing systems also offer a range of remote controls and FM options

Una - The 1st step to better hearing
With Una you can participate actively in conversations and enjoy life's variety of sounds again. Una gives you reliable, high-performance Phonak technology at an affordable price. Try it and experience excellent sound quality and amazing comfort

Your main benefits with Una

Excellent speech-in-noise understanding
Comfortable sound quality right from the start
Easy to handle for first time
Feedback control significantly reduces annoying whistling sounds
Best value-to-cost ratio
Reliable, innovative Phonak Digital Bionics technology
Wide product range
For mild to severe hearing loss

At HearingPlanet we are pleased to offer such feature laden product like the Phonak Una at such a great price. To see if the Una fits your lifestyle and budget, please contact one of our skilled Hearing Consultants at 800-432-7669 so they can assess your Hearing Profile

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