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Beltone TURN gives you even more good reasons to turn up the sound – at a very reasonable price

It’s comfortable to wear
It looks good – with no compromise on reliability or power
It’s based on the latest technology
You get the best sound quality

And it’s incredibly easy to use


Experience the benefits of TURN

Beltone TURN was designed to make you feel confident. Modern features give you great sound, and the small, good-looking styles are all comfortable to wear


Hear clearly and naturally

Beltone TURN gives you clear, natural hearing with the right volume for both soft and loud sounds: You’ll enjoy comfortable listening no matter what the environment


Hear conversation – not irritating background noise

Beltone TURN focuses on speech, so it’s easier for you to focus on conversations. And Beltone TURN reduces background noise. Even low sounds like a fan or refrigerator noise won’t disturb you


Hear comfortably and safely

Beltone TURN protects you from loud, unpleasant noises by partially suppressing them. That means you’ll always feel at ease wearing your hearing instruments. Beltone TURN has all the functions you need to use it with ease

Standard power
Beltone Reach TURN hearing aids allow you to have a standard power solution that sits either in your ear canal or behind your ear

High power
If you have a stronger hearing loss, Beltone TURN offers a high power version in the style called ITC – it sits in your ear canal

Program selector
Most Beltone TURN models come with a push button for you to have up to 3 environmental programs tailored to your hearing needs. You can then manually switch between programs

Volume control
Beltone TURN models are available with volume controls. This enables you to adjust the volume level manually whenever you feel it is needed

You can choose to have a telecoil option with your Beltone TURN hearing aid. The telecoil solution transmits the sound directly to the hearing aid and is useful in theaters, churches and airports


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