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Behind-the-ear (BTE) models

In-the-ear (ITE) models

Beltone believes that everybody should have access to quality hearing. That is why Beltone ACCESS is built to give you the benefits that are otherwise only found in more expensive hearing aids. Now you can experience clear and natural hearing. With Beltone ACCESS, you will be able to

Hear the wind blowing in the trees and the whispers of children
Follow conversations even in noisy situations
Feel at ease as sudden loud sounds are adjusted to a level that is comfortable for you
Beltone ACCESS offers a variety of styles and shapes so that you can choose the hearing aid that best fits your hearing loss and personal needs

Behind-the-ear (BTE) models
This type of hearing aid sits discretely behind your ear. Its shape makes you so comfortable that you eventually forget you are wearing it. Beltone ACCESS models that sit behind the ear are available in tones that discretely blend in with your skin

In-the-ear (ITE) models

This image shows a completely-in-the-canal hearing aid, which is very discrete and barely visible. Beltone ACCESS can be customized in the form and size that fits your ear and hearing loss

Beltone ACCESS is specifically designed to cover all the essentials of a quality hearing solution. Now, there is no need to make compromises in your hearing health

Open fitting
If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss you can choose a Beltone ACCESS model with open fitting. Open fittings are cosmetically attractive and comfortable to wear. They provide a natural sound quality which will not give you a "plugged up” sensation in your ears

Standard power

Beltone Reach ACCESS hearing aids allow you to have a standard power solution that fits your cosmetic requirements

High power
If you have a stronger hearing loss, Beltone ACCESS offers high power versions in all styles and shapes – Behind the ear and custom molded in the ear hearing aids

Program selector  
Most Beltone ACCESS models come with a push button for you to have up to 3 environmental programs tailored to your hearing needs. You can then manually switch between programs

Volume control 

Beltone ACCESS models are available with volume controls. This enables you to adjust the volume level manually whenever you feel it is needed

Direct Audio Input
With the behind the ear models of the Beltone ACCESS you can have a Direct Audio Input (DAI) facility. DAI allows direct connection of sound sources such as radio and television to your Beltone ACCESS hearing aid

You can choose to have a telecoil option with your Beltone ACCESS hearing aid. The telecoil solution transmits the sound directly to the hearing aid and is useful in theaters, churches and airports

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