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Eleva – intuitive, responsive, and smart

The Eleva product family – ranging from a tiny CIC, an elegantly-designed microBTE to a powerful BTE – introduces a set of features to the mid segment that is intuitive, responsive, and smart: Intuitive by automatically adapting to sound environments and hearing needs; responsive to ensure optimal speech understanding; and smart with respect to design features and fitting

Eleva is intuitive

Through its unique TriPilot automatic, Eleva offers three intuitive automatic programs plus the EasyPhone telephone program. For the end user, this means optimal audibility, intelligibility and comfort for key listening situations

Eleva is responsive

As the pioneer of innovative multi-microphone technology, Phonak understands that well designed directional technology is the most effective way to enhance intelligibility in noisy environments. Thanks to Eleva’s adaptive digital AudioZoom, this benefit is now available in the mid segment. Furthermore, Eleva is the first in its class to offer a comprehensive SoundCleaning package which includes a highly effective Fine-scale Noise Canceler and a sophisticated digital Feedback Phase Inverter. As a result, the user experiences comfortable listening without embarrassing feedback

Eleva is smart

Eleva’s smart design components ensure that every product in the Eleva range provides a superbly tailored and discreet fit: microEleva’s micro-size and micro tube open fitting deliver practically invisible hearing; the innovative Eleva color palette for all BTE-models match users’ hair colors like no other hearing instrument on the market; and high-tech miniature components make Eleva’s custom products smaller than ever before. In addition, remote controls are available for every style of Eleva instrument, offering discreet and convenient user control to all Eleva users

Phonak Eleva

Phonak Eleva Hearing Aids will change your expectation of what a mid range hearing system offers

In 2005 Phonak revolutionized the hearing industry's premium hearing aid segment by introducing Savia. Now, with Eleva, Phonak extends its Digital Bionics product line with a more moderately priced hearing aid. With unique technology such as Tri-Pilot, adaptive directional mics, and noise reduction in all 16 channels, Phonak Eleva Hearing Aids can provide significant digital processing for your most demanding needs

Intuitive. Responsive. Smart

To truly transform the current hearing landscape, a hearing system needs to offer a range of unique features that make it

Intuitive - by automatically adapting to sound environments and hearing needs
Responsive - to ensure optimal speech understanding
Smart - in terms of design and fitting

The complete Eleva Hearing Aid product family - ranging from a tiny CIC, an elegantly-designed micro BTE to a powerful BTE - comprises the right set of features to make it the most intuitive, responsive, and smart hearing system of its price range. Like the other products of its generation, Eleva is based on Digital Bionics. Unique to Phonak and inspired by nature, Digital Bionics implements the unique capabilities of biological systems using state of the art digital technology

Since debut many hundreds of HearingPlanet customers have experienced tremendous hearing improvement using this current generation of Phonak technology. We invite you to contact one of our Hearing Consultants to arrange a hearing test to see if Phonak Eleva Hearing Aids are right for you

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