Widex Flash series


Easy Listening

Listening is made easier with the Widex Flash™ hearing aid series. Widex has based Flash hearing aid models around four Easy Listening cornerstones – Easy Sound, Easy Use, Easy Fit and Easy Value. These enable the Widex Flash hearing aid series to provide essential advantages in performance and reliability. Widex Flash is designed to be of benefit in daily life, whether as a first-time user or as an experienced user. Greater affordability makes the Flash hearing aids an excellent choice within the lower price segment, offering the user benefits of price, performance and reliability


The Flash™ series offers features that are completely unique in this market section

Easy Sound advantages

Integrated Signal Processing™ - Ensuring optimum performance at all times, even in noisy environments

5 channels and 5 bands – Providing good sound quality and comfort

Flash Locator – Focus on sound source regardless of the direction of origin

Speech Intensification System (Widex Classic Noise Reduction) – Preserves speech intelligibility and attenuates noise

Flash Feedback Cancelling – Less feedback whistling

Enhanced Dynamic Range Compression – Ensures that soft sounds are audible and loud sounds are not uncomfortable

Easy Use

With Flash you can have up to four listening programs to suit your personal listening needs. The open fit solution gives you the option of occlusion-free listening

Easy Fit

Using the Widex fitting tool Sensogram™, your hearing is measured directly through the hearing aid in your ear. This unique method gives extremely precise information about your hearing and the acoustic properties of your ear canal. Ensuring better sound and comfort for the individual

Easy Value

The Flash series gives you excellent value in the lower cost segment, providing you with the essential benefits from the latest technology combined with solid, proven Widex features

The ISP platform

The series is built upon the Widex Integrated Signal Processing – ISP – technology. The unique technology continuously controls and coordinates all functions in the hearing aid in accordance with changes in your listening environment

There is a Flash hearing aid model to suit every individual

The series encompasses everything from the discreet CIC (completely-in-canal) hearing aid to ITE (in-the-ear) and BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing aids of various amplification strengths and with different earmould types

The series consists of the following models

Flash FL-CIC
A completely-in-canal model, recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss
Flash FL-X
An in-the-ear model, recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss
Flash FL-XP
A power in-the-ear model, recommended for minimal to severe hearing loss
Flash FL-9
A behind-the-ear hearing aid, recommended for minimal to severe hearing loss
Flash FL-19
A power behind-the-ear hearing aid, recommended for moderate to severe-to-profound hearing loss
Flash FL-m
A micro behind-the-ear hearing aid, recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss

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