Beltone One!

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What Beltone One! gives you 

There are three main areas of technology, each of which provides unique benefits for you. Beltone One! gives you a more varied and ultimately richer hearing experience through


Sound Shaper – Gives you a comfortable and rich sound experience

– Makes speech a priority, so you can understand every word even in noisy situations

Satisfaction Manager
– Helps keep you satisfied by making Beltone One! a true part of your life



Beltone One! presents

Makes soft sounds audible while loud sounds remain comfortable
Helps you understand conversations in noisy situations
Automatically zeroes in on the relevant speaker and brings back hassle-free communication
Provides more natural, nuanced and richer sound quality
Gathers info about the sound-environment for a perfect fit


Feature overview

Beltone Feature Benefit
Wide Dynamic Range Compression - Curvilinearity Correct level of amplification for all sounds
17 Channels Clear and natural sound quality
Adaptive Time Constants Limits distortion of sound
Multichannel Maximum Power Output MPO Prevents uncomfortable exposure sudden loud sounds
Improved Adaptive Active Feedback Cancellation AFC Immediate and effective prevention of squealing and echoes
Speech Spotter Automatically switches to focus on speech signals
Smart Beam Focuses on speech signals in three different widths
Sound Cleaner through Speech Pattern Detection SPD Reduces irrelevant background noise
Digital Volume Control Manual adjustment of volume level
Silencer Reduced amplification for low level background noise
Satisfaction Journal Logs data on how the hearing aid has been used
Satisfy Gradual adjustment of amplification to the optimal level
4 Environmental Programs Programs tailored to the situations you most often encounter
Delayed Activation Switches on a few seconds after closing the battery door
Notification Beeps Beeps indicate low battery level and program selection
Beltone One! is a complete hearing system that addresses a wide range of needs. Cosmetically attractive and easy to fit to perfection for you

Open fitting          
Beltone One! offers an open fitting for a cosmetically attractive and comfortable solution. It provides a natural sound quality will not give you a "plugged up” sensation in your ears

Standard power    
The complete range of the Beltone One! hearing aids allows you to have a standard power solution and simultaneously enjoy a small, high performing hearing aid

High power            
If you have a stronger hearing loss, Beltone One! offers high power versions. You can choose a behind-the-ear model or a custom molded in-the-ear (ITE) model

Program selector  
Most Beltone One! models come with a push button for you to have up to 4 environmental programs tailored to your hearing needs. You can then manually switch between programs

Volume control      
A volume control enables you to adjust the volume level manually whenever you feel that is needed. Beltone One! models are available with volume controls

Direct Audio Input
With some of the Beltone One! models you can have a Direct Audio Input (DAI) facility. DAI allows direct connection of sound sources such as radio and television to your Beltone One! hearing aid

You can choose to have a telecoil option with your Beltone One! hearing aid. The telecoil solution transmits the sound directly to the hearing aid and is useful in theaters, churches and airports

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