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The world’s smallest hearing instrument got even smaller



The Beltone Touch is a practically invisible hearing instrument you wear entirely in your ear. So now you can:


Hide it

It’s so small it almost vanishes into your ears

It is 36% smaller than our second-smallest hearing instrument

Wear it

It fits comfortably in your ear - when you move, it moves with you

The lack of embarrassing whistling makes you forget you are wearing it


Hear it

It takes advantage of your ear’s natural sound paths

It eliminates tiring wind noise

Beltone Touch is worn in the ear and almost invisible

Designed for discretion

Beltone Touch is 36% smaller than our second-smallest hearing instrument. It’s truly invisible on most people and scarcely perceptible on many more.


Just about all anyone will ever (just barely) see is the thin transparent tube inside your ear.

It holds Beltone Touch comfortably and securely in place. So unlike some other hearing aids, things like hairbrushes, glasses or even vigorous physical activity won’t knock it off

Small for all
There is a Beltone Touch for almost everybody. You can choose the one that best fits your hearing loss


Instant Touch
This model comes in an array of discreet colors to make it appear as small and discrete as possible


Custom Touch
You can have a Beltone Touch custom made to your ear and hearing loss. Regardless of your choice it will be smaller than you would expect

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