If you use hearing aids already or are considering it, you can find valuable information and guidance on Inteo in the brochures on this page

Inteo consumer brochure - The Inteo consumer brochure describes the many advantages of Inteo

Download the Inteo consumer brochure

Pamphlet for experienced hearing aid users - The pamphlet tells experienced users how Inteo takes the user’s individual needs and preferences into account

Download the pamphlet for experienced users

Pamphlet for first-time hearing aid users - The pamphlet provides information on what you can expect from Inteo as a first-time user

Download the pamphlet for first-time users

How does it work

The core of Inteo is the Dynamic Integrator™, which operates with the single goal: to create personally tailored sound that satisfies the individual user’s needs in any specific listening situation. During the fitting session, the Dynamic Integrator is profiled with information about your personal preferences and needs. Inteo will then tailor the sounds to fit you

Unique benefits from a unique hearing aid

Locating: Understand everything around you – even when people talk to you from behind

Extending:9 Enjoy a more detailed listening experience with sounds you haven’t heard in years

Enhancing: Get unrivalled speech understanding in noisy sound environments

Freeing: Choose a smaller hearing aid or an open fitting without compromise

Understand voice from behind - Inteo detects voice in your surroundings and provides unprecedented speech understanding, regardless of the sound environment and the location of the person talking to you

Don’t look for the voice - In situations where people talk to you from behind or in noisy environments such as a construction site, there’s no need to look for the voice – the voices come to you

Sounds you haven’t heard in years - Inteo gives you the clearest and most detailed reproduction of the sound environment and invites you to discover the details within. Inteo brings high-pitched sounds, such as the cymbals in a jazz band and bird song, back to you

A detailed listening experince - Inteo can give you the important details that tell you whether it’s the doorbell or phone ringing.

Words come easy - Inteo is designed to ensure a higher degree of speech understanding in noisy situations compared to other hearing aids

Inteo brings out the speech - Regardless of the listening situation – in a car, during cleaning - Inteo effectively filters out noise so you can concentrate on the conversation

Tailored comfort - The advanced technology inside Inteo gives you a great freedom of choice. Inteo allows more amplification and therefore provides you with a greater flexibility in choosing from the range of Inteo hearing aid models

This may enable you to choose a smaller in-the-ear model or an open fitting without compromising your hearing ability. The choice is yours - With Inteo, you can generally insert the hearing aid, talk on the phone and listen to music without feedback whistling

Accessories and models


The Inteo series includes a hearing aid model to meet every need. They are small, discreet and very easy to operate


Inteo hearing aids integrates fully with the RC3 remote control.With this optional remote control you can even take "snapshots” of specific listening situations that may require special adjustments

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