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Continuous binaural processing balances, stabilizes and improves signal processing

Extended Bandwidth - increases sound awareness and audibility

Wireless connectivity to external devices

Receiver-In-The-Ear Technology (RITE) - reduces feedback potential with a less peaky frequency response

Two style choices RITE and Mini Power BTE

RITE design - for vastly superior cosmetics

Small, slim, lightweight BTE case - sits discreetly behind the ear

Mini Power BTE with classic hook design, size 13 battery for longer battery life

Small and compact

FM Compatible - Mini Power BTE

Expand your listening possibilities with ConnectLineTM 

Epoq is fully compatible with ConnectLine - an ever expanding range of Bluetooth accessories that can turn your Epoqs into a pair of tiny wireless headsets.  With ConnectLine your Epoq's can wirelessly connect to cell phones, landline phones,   TV - in short just about any device with audio output.  Epoq with ConnectLine will take your hearing to a whole new level      

Spatial Sound

Your own personal "sound compass”

Wherever you go, your sound environment changes.  But when all sounds seem to be coming from everywhere at once it can be difficult to keep up.  To decide whether a particular sound is relevant and needs your attention you need to know WHAT it is and WHERE it is coming from.  You need to know WHO is speaking to you and WHERE, so you can focus your attention on WHAT is being said

A pair of Epoqs provides this important information.  By communicating wirelessly with one another, they know how to preserve the location and direction of sounds, so you can tell left from right, and up from down – and always know where to look

Communicate more easily

Whether you're at a meeting with colleagues or having dinner with the family, Epoq keeps you in sync with your companions.

Have more energy to socialize

Epoq is tailored to present sounds in a way that ensures that your brain can recognize them more easily

Feel safe and relaxed

With EPOQ you will hear more of the little everyday sounds-and you will know where they are coming from

Trust your hearing again


Now personal communication devices and entertainment systems can connect wirelessly with a pair of EPOQ hearing instruments. Through Epoq’s companion tool called Streamer, a compact Bluetooth® device you are able to wirelessly connect to your telephone, personal computer, MP3 music player or other Bluetooth® enabled device in both ears. This turns Epoq into the world’s smallest cordless headset

With the Epoq Streamer, you can answer your Bluetooth compatible landline or cell phone without even touching it. The speaker’s voice is automatically streamed to both your ears so you can focus on other things, such as driving or cooking dinner

The perfect TV solution - ConnectLine

Now you can listen to TV while enjoying conversation with your family through your Epoq hearing system with the ConnectLine TV Adaptor and Streamer.  This system connects with Streamer to bring you the clearest sound possible.  You can regulate your own volume preference through the hearing aids while your family can regulate theirs through the TV

The Epoq Streamer is a device that acts as a gateway for external sound sources turning your Epoq hearing instruments into a wireless headset with natural fidelity


Epoq is available in a wide array of different styles

Epoq is available with two "ear hook" designs; RITE (Receiver-In-The-Ear) and Standard.  Epoq RITE combines superb cosmetics and improved acoustics. RITE technology allows an open fitting which provides more natural sound quality and helps avoid "occlusion" - the feeling of being "plugged up" when your ear canals are closed-off. Both designs are available in a range attractive and contemporary color combinations designed to make a statement, or just blend in with your hair or skin tone

If you prefer a custom in-the-ear style, Epoq is available in a variety of sizes, CIC (Completely In The Ear), ITC (In The Canal), and HS (Half Shell). Please note, wireless functionality and Streamer are not compatible with CIC models of Epoq. Streamer comes in your choice of black or white colors

Epoq Testimonial Video

When Oticon introduced Epoq with "Spatial Sound" and "Wireless Connectivity", patients around the country reported that this Hearing System was truly "a remarkably refreshing experience".  With its binaural processing capabilities two Epoqs work as one complete system.  The result is a more natural listening experience.  Sound is more organized - giving it purpose.  How does this translate into user satisfaction? Listen to these very satisfied Epoq wearers and find out

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