Phonak Naída



User Guide Naída BTE PDF, 3MB

Naída IX, Naída V, Naída III, Naída I    

Naída product family

Naída is available in 19 colors and four different styles

Naída fitting range

The Naída models are ideally suited for a large variety of audiometric configurations and losses ranging from moderately-severe to profound

Hearing aid wearers who need powerful amplification now have a hearing device that offers not just power, but instead the power to change your life.  The Phonak Naida Ultra Power BTE is the hearing aid that sets new power standards.  Unique Power Processing and Noise Block algorithms are just the beginning of the truly innovative digital processing features in Naida

SoundRelax (Naida IX) – Simply put, this feature takes noises such as clanging dishes and slamming doors and provides an instant "cushion” without interfering with speech to provide a more comfortable listening environment

EchoBlock (Naida IX) – This removes reverberant signals from a noisy or quiet environment resulting in a clear comfortable signal.  Phonak pioneered this process and has refined it with Exelia Art

Zoom Control (Naida IX) - ZoomControl combines real-audio streaming with directional beamforming for a truly unique benefit – the ability to choose in which direction to focus hearing. Finally you can offer clients a real solution to challenging situations where they can not face the speaker, such as listening in a car. ZoomControl can be used with the remote control myPilot or manually with the program button

DuoPhone (Naida IX) - Optimal understanding on the phone is achieved through bilateral hearing. With DuoPhone, as soon as the phone is held to the ear the signal is heard in both ears. Background noise is reduced and clarity significantly improved. The phone can be used with confidence and listening becomes enjoyable again

SoundRecover – This unique digital processing feature takes speech sounds like "s” and "sh”, higher-pitched voices such as women’s and children’s, and environmental sounds such as birds and telephone rings and transitions those to a better part of your hearing range.  The result is better audibility of those crucial sounds.  In a recent study, 73% of subjects showed objective and subjective benefit when compared to conventional digital processing

Water Resistant – The sturdy housing guarantees superb operational reliability during activities such as exercise, rigorous labor, or even if you get caught in the rain.  Showering/bathing, swimming, or diving is not recommended wearing Naida

WhistleBlock – Feedback is one of the major annoyances of hearing aid users. This technology instantly differentiates between true feedback and natural tones thus allowing for maximum hearing benefit without feedback interference

Slim Design Casing – 35% less size volume than other power BTEs leads to a more comfortable and discreet fitting.  A "Junior” size is also available for people with smaller ears.
MyPilot Remote Control – As an option, you may wish to control Naida with a   remote control. This "command center” reads battery power levels, allows for volume changes, program adjustments, directional microphone changes, and more

iCom – This optional revolutionary wireless interface provides instant connectivity with the world of technology. Bluetooth, laptops, MP3 Players, televisions, and GPS can all be used with Naida and the iCom option
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