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Our longstanding commitment to children with hearing loss has inspired us to create Nios micro, a small attractive hearing aid dedicated to children with mild to moderately severe hearing loss

Nios micro features SoundRecover which provides all the audibility and clarity needed to achieve the best speech and language outcomes from day one

The Phonak Nios Micro hearing aids were originally targeted as a pediatric solution for their small inconspicuous size, durability, fitting flexibility, and features.  It didn’t take long for hearing professionals to discover this is an outstanding hearing aid for adults as well.  HearingPlanet has had numerous adults successfully fit with this hearing aid and its popularity continues to grow

Using the same CORE digital signal processing as in all of Phonak’s hearing aids, the Nios Micro BTEs feature SoundRecover which is a unique sound processing strategy that helps restore high-frequency hearing loss.Other critical features are Real Ear Sound which creates a natural sound orientation in combination with the directional microphones, and WhistleBlock Technology which virtually eliminates annoying feedback ensuring increased speech audibility and improved sound quality.  The Nios Micro devices can also be fit in the very popular open-fit style as well using a traditional earmold.

These are only a few of the technology highlights of the Phonak Nios Micro BTE.  Depending on the model selection (3 or 5), other features are as follows

Real Ear Sound - Using a hearing system can sometimes disturb natural localization. Real Ear Sound uses frequency specific information to restore natural sound perception

SoundFlow - SoundFlow continuously monitors the situation and instantly optimizes the Nios settings to the changing environment in real-time, for a seamless hearing experience

SoundRecover – this feature is the breakthrough in enhancing intelligibility. It compresses and shifts inaudible high frequencies into an adjacent area with audible hearing

VoiceZoom – Directional microphones are the only proven tool to improve speech understanding in noise.  Each VoiceZoom channel automatically adapts to voice and noise for the ultimate in speech clarity

– Feedback is one of the major annoyances of hearing aid users.  This technology instantly differentiates between true feedback and natural tones thus allowing for maximum hearing benefit without feedback interference

WindBlock Management - utilizes a newly engineered wind identification and classification system. The powerful, adaptive algorithm automatically suppresses wind noise. Teamed with a microphone shield, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors without compromise

– A convenient feature that allows you to control both hearing aids quickly and discreetly with one touch.  The hearing aids communicate with each other and share data to ensure that volume and program settings are always balanced

MyPilot Remote Control
– As an option, you may wish to control Nios with a remote control.  This "command center” reads battery power levels, allows for volume changes, program adjustments, directional microphone changes, and more

iCom – This optional revolutionary wireless interface provides instant connectivity with the world of technology.  Bluetooth, laptops, MP3 Players, televisions, and GPS can all be used with Nios and the iCom option

Technical Features

AdvancedTechnology Level
For Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss
Automatic Adaptive Directional Microphone
Speech & Noise Management System
16 Channels
Automatic Programs
Data Logging
Size 13 batteries
Remote Capability
Bluetooth Connectivity

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