Phonak Versáta



User Guide Versáta micro BTE PDF, 3MB

User Guide Versáta Custom Products PDF, 2MB

Consumer Flyer Versáta PDF, 426kB

Versáta is available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs

WindBlock Management

Suppresses wind noise to enjoy the great outdoors - WindBlock Management’s powerful, adaptive algorithm automatically suppresses wind noise. Teamed with a microphone shield, it allows wearers to enjoy the outdoors without compromise


The sound environments of life are varied and challenging. In real time, SoundFlow creates a unique program perfectly adapted to every new environment. The result is a seamless transition between hearing situations, with optimum clarity an comfort, no matter what the environment. SoundFlow is available in the three levels SoundFlow Premium, Advanced and Standard
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