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User Guide Exélia Art BTE PDF, 2MB

User Guide Exélia Art micro BTE PDF, 3MB

User Guide Exélia Art Custom Products PDF, 2MB

Exélia Art is available in 15 styles, ranging from tiny CICs to a choice of BTEs. New: Exélia Art is available in micro Petite and In-the-Canal Half Shell Power (ITC/HS P) models

Exélia Art - Features and benefits

CORE is the most sophisticated audio-processing platform in the industry. Experience this superior quality and performance: A Phonak is for everyone


SoundRecover is the only effective way to extend hearing by restoring high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible. Audibility of the full spectrum of sounds improves speech understanding, awareness of the sound environment and listening pleasure


The phone signal is heard automatically in both ears - Optimal understanding on the phone is achieved through bilateral hearing. With DuoPhone, as soon as the phone is held to the ear the signal is heard in both ears. Background noise is reduced and clarity significantly improved

ZoomControl, now with DirectTouch

Ability to choose the hearing focus - ZoomControl combines real-audio streaming with directional beamforming for a truly unique benefit – the ability to choose in which direction to focus hearing. Finally you get a real solution to challenging situations where you cannot face the speaker, such as listening in a car. As part of its mission to give hearing impaired individuals access to all the activities that make up a full life, Phonak has applied invaluable input from end users and hearing care professionals to identify the three drivers key to the delivery of maximum client benefit: performance, control and connectivity
Real Ear Sound - Using a hearing system can sometimes disturb natural localization. Real Ear Sound uses frequency specific information to restore natural sound perception

SoundFlow - SoundFlow continuously monitors the situation and instantly optimizes the Exélia settings to the changing environment in real-time, for a seamless hearing experience

SoundRecover – this feature is the breakthrough in enhancing intelligibility. It compresses and shifts inaudible high frequencies into an adjacent area with audible hearing

VoiceZoom – Directional microphones are the only proven tool to improve speech understanding in noise.  Each of Exelia’s 33 VoiceZoom channels automatically adapts to voice and noise for the ultimate in speech clarity

WhistleBlock – Feedback is one of the major annoyances of hearing aid users.  This technology instantly differentiates between true feedback and natural tones thus allowing for maximum hearing benefit without feedback interference

SoundRelax – Simply put, this feature takes noises such as clanging dishes and slamming doors and provides an instant "cushion” without interfering with speech to provide a more comfortable listening environment

EchoBlock – This removes reverberant signals from a noisy or quiet environment resulting in a clear comfortable signal.  Phonak pioneered this process and has refined it with Exelia Art

QuickSync – A convenient feature that allows you to control both hearing aids quickly and discreetly with one touch.  The hearing aids communicate with each other and share data to ensure that volume and program settings are always balanced

MyPilot Remote Control – As an option, you may wish to control Exelia Art with a remote control.  This "command center” reads battery power levels, allows for volume changes, program adjustments, directional microphone changes, and more

iCom – This optional revolutionary wireless interface provides instant connectivity with the world of technology.  Bluetooth, laptops, MP3 Players, televisions, and GPS can all be used with Exelia and the iCom option

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