Beltone True - A breakthrough for demanding listening situations

Welcome to a new era of technology for Beltone. New Beltone True offers a brand new integrated chip and some of the most advanced hearing instrument features that address common struggles the hearing impaired face each and every day. Challenges with feedback are addressed with a new feedback management algorithm while Beltone True offers Spatial Directionality or Speech Spotter Pro and band-split to improve hearing in noise

The debut of 2.4 GHz wireless technology is right here with Beltone's Direct Line of wireless accessories. This industry-leading technology can be found in the Direct TV Link, Direct Phone Link and the Direct Remote Control and will bring the hearing instrument wearing experience to a whole new level by connecting you to the world around you

Discreet, featherlight and comfortable
The Beltone True lineup is the thinnest on the market and features the smallest RIE available today. Designed to closely follow the natural curves of the human ear, Beltone True fits discreetly and still offers some of the most advanced hearing instrument features available. The lightweight design means people may just forget they are wearing Beltone True and those around them may never know

Choose the color that suits you best

Both Beltone True wireless and non-wireless hearing instruments are available in nine colors that blend naturally with skin tone and hair color

Wireless or's your choice
Our new integrated circuit is the foundation for both models of Beltone True. Beltone's non-wireless RIE is the smallest on the market and is so discreet, it practically disappears. If improving hearing in situations such as watching television or talking on the phone has become increasingly important to you, the Beltone True wireless model is the right choice. No matter which Beltone True model you deside on, you can rest assured you are getting the most cutting edge technology available today

Beltone True End User Brochure

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